Epoxy Paints Haridwar

Epoxy paints are one of the best solutions for covering garage or basement floors and it add extra shine to the floor as well. There are various epoxy paints Haridwar available most of them are known for their durability and shine. Epoxy paints in Haridwar can also be used as an adhesive in different forms like primer and glue. Epoxy paints like its name is not exactly a paint though. Kirti Home Solutions offers online epoxy paints Haridwar in the utmost professional and budget friendly manner.

What is the use of Epoxy paints Haridwar?

  • Epoxy paints are considered to be more suitable for floors to add extra life and shine
  • It is more scratch resistant as well in comparison to regular wall paints
  • The cost of doing it is also economical depending upon the dimensions of the floor
  • It lasts for years and hence require minimum maintenance
  • Epoxy paints in Haridwar are often used as a substitute for regular tiles as they are tougher and stronger. Tiles often gets damaged or break with time whereas the epoxy coating does not
  • Epoxy paints in Haridwar offers better resistivity to moisture and humidity
  • They are an apt solution for metal surfaces as well as tough floors

At Kirti, online epoxy paints Haridwar are available for all kinds of floors including interiors and exteriors. The only disadvantage is discoloration or yellowing of the coating with exposure to the sun or external climate. With years of industry experience, the team offers genuine and latest range of paints as well as resin products for all kinds of floors and space.

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